Critical Illness: More Than Half Faced Bankruptcy Before Death

Critical Illness: More Than Half Faced Bankruptcy Before Death

Posted on April 11th, 2024

Story by Verbz Bermudez

Picture this: you're cruising through life, totally chill, when—bam!—an unexpected illness hits you like a bag of bricks. Scary, right? Well, it's actually more common than you might think. In fact, according to the CDC, heart disease takes down someone in the U.S. every 33 seconds. That's enough time to microwave a burrito, but not enough to prevent a health crisis.

Now, let's talk money. Medical bills can pile up faster than you can say "co-pay." CNBC reports that over 66% of bankruptcies are directly tied to medical issues. Translation: you could be raking in debt faster than a kid collects candy on Halloween.

But fear not! There's a beacon of hope in this sea of doom and gloom: the accelerated death benefit rider. It's like a financial safety net for when life throws you a curveball. Need treatment but don't want to drain your savings? This rider's got your back.

So, what's the deal with this magical rider? Well, it lets you dip into your life insurance while you're still kicking. But wait—there's a catch (isn't there always?): your beneficiary might get a bit less when you're gone. Hey, it's a trade-off, but one that could save your bacon in a pinch.

Now, which illnesses qualify for this VIP treatment? We're talking serious stuff like chronic illness (when you can't handle everyday tasks like a boss), critical illness (think heart attacks and other nasties), or even critical injury (not your average scrape or bruise). 

Here's the kicker: with Vandj Life, you get a sweet deal—this rider's included at no extra cost. Yep, that's right. So, while health insurance does its thing, this little gem swoops in like a caped crusader to save the day.

Bottom line? Don't wait for illness to knock on your door. Be prepared, stay covered, and keep your financial future looking brighter than a double rainbow after a storm. Your health matters, and so does your wallet.

If you would like to know the details of living benefits' qualifying events, you may email us at [email protected] or send us a text message or call us at 832-885-2067.

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