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Best Life Insurance Provider in Coeur D'Alene

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Empowering Through Coverage & Annuities

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Our Commitment to Financial Preparedness

We go beyond being a life insurance business. Owner Verbz and Joyce, a compassionate couple, understand the importance of being ready for life's surprises. We'v... Read more

Living Life By Design

A life insurance that helps to provide the opportunity and flexibility to meet the challenges of creating a secure financial future in a SINGLE CONTRACT.

Our Policyholders

Katherine M - Seattle, WA

Truly, "win by design." I love the superb service with a family-owned business touch. I'm glad I met Verbz & Joyce. They are passionate in educating and showing my husband and I options without being pressured. My husband and I feel confident and secure for our family's financial future and goals. Definitely, I can recommend to anyone who are looking for financial professionals to show them about the financial strategies and options. I recommended V and J Life to my relatives.


What Makes Us Different

  • Critical Injury Coverage at No Extra Cost
  • All-Inclusive Living Benefits
  • Secure Financial Future in a Single Contract
  • IRS-Approved
  • Access Tax-Free Advantage
  • Term Life with Complete Living Benefits
  • Whole Life with Complete Living Benefits
  • Annuity with Living Benefits
  • State of the art Quote/Pre-illustration
  • Flagship Product: Living Life By Design
  • Free-Consultation
  • Experienced Financial Professionals
  • A Judgement-Free, Pressure-Free Environment
  • Family-Owned
  • Veteran-Owned
  • Spoken languages:
    English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Persian, Tagalog, Korean