An annuity is a remarkable financial product that empowers you to deposit funds with an insurance company. Watch your money grow with interest, all while enjoying tax benefits until withdrawal. In return, we will provide you with a stream of payments at regular intervals in the future.

What make this service uniquer is its ability to supplement your retirement income. Many individuals opt for annuities to enhance their financial security alongside Social Security, pension benefits, and other investments. With our flexible options, you can select a fixed period or lifetime payments and even withdraw funds as needed in varying amounts.

Take control of your financial future today! Engage with us by reaching out to our expert team. Let Vandjlife guide you towards an annuity solution that suits your needs and secures a prosperous tomorrow. Trust us to make your retirement dreams a reality.

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To process your request please let us know if you need a quotation for Living Life by Design IUL (life insurance/living benefits/cash accumulation/market crashes protection/IRS-approved tax-free advantage), Whole Life (with living benefits), Term Life (with Living benefits) or Annuities (with living benefits). In the form below, please provide your correct date of birth, gender and the current state you are residing. If you need a quote for your family, please specify their names along with their ages, genders and the state they are currently residing. We'll send you policy samples within 24 hours for your review. You will also receive a request for a protocol phone or Zoom interview to discuss details and answer questions. An application form will be included for underwriting approval (48-hour process). Once approved, you're fully covered after the first premium is drafted from your bank account by the insurance carrier. Vandj Life does not accept payments. We await your contact.