Life Insurance: Not Just for Goodbyes Anymore!

Life Insurance: Not Just for Goodbyes Anymore!

Posted on November 1st, 2023

Story by Verbz Bermudez

Ever thought your life insurance was just being a little too... patient, waiting for your grand exit? Well, introduce yourself to "living benefits," life insurance’s fun little way of saying, “Hey! I’ve got something for you right now!”

Living Benefits: What’s the Scoop? 🍦

These handy-dandy benefits are the extra toppings on your life insurance sundae, sometimes going by the fancy name of "accelerated death benefits." Whether you're team term life or a permanent policy enthusiast, they've got your back.

In essence, living benefits are like that savings account you can dip into for those "oh no" health moments. Terminal illness? Chronic conditions? They've got a benefit for that. The small print? Your beneficiaries might get a little less when the time comes.

Spotlight on Living Benefits: 🎥

1. Terminal Illness: Your doc gives you the not-so-great news of limited time left? This rider's got you. Typically, it's part of the package deal with your insurance – no hidden fees!


2. Chronic Illness: If day-to-day tasks like eating, dressing, or the "thrill" of getting out of bed become a chore (and we're not talking Mondays), this benefit steps in.

3. Critical Illness: Life threw a curveball like a heart attack or stroke? Tap into this benefit to help manage the medical maze.

4. Long-term care: If you need a little more than home TLC and can't manage a couple of those daily life activities, this one’s your guy.

5. Critical Injury: Many life insurance providers like to play coy with Critical Injury Riders, adding those pesky extra fees. And most providers they don't have critical injury coverage. But hang onto your hats, folks! The National Life Group, Vandj Life's carrier, doesn't roll that way. Earning the title of the 'Godfather of Living Benefits', they offer top-tier protection for those 'Did-that-really-just-happen?' moments, such as comas, paralysis, severe burns, or traumatic injuries, without digging deep into your pockets. The cherry on top? All those living benefits, along with the critical injury rider, come bundled at no extra cost. Now, that's an insurance game-changer! Dial in an appointment with Vandj Life's financial gurus, and they'll break it down for you.

“Alright, But How Do I Cash In?” 💰

Got your paperwork in order? Submit a claim, along with some medical records, and boom! You're on your way. You might get a lump sum or a monthly "allowance" depending on your policy. Just remember there's often a cap, like 80% of the total value.

Price Tag Alert!🏷️

Many policies throw in living benefits like confetti – no extra cost! For others, you might need to check the price tag. Always good to double-check with your insurance buddy.

“Sign Me Up!” 🖊️

Jumping on the living benefits train? Here's how:

1. Ask about it when you're shopping around.

2. A lot of times, it's a part of the deal when you first buy your policy.

3. Missed the train initially? You might still be able to hop on later. Just keep an eye out for any waiting periods.

In a Nutshell: Your life insurance doesn’t just care about the grand finale. With living benefits, it's also rooting for you every step of the way. So why not live a little (or a lot) with your policy's perks? 🎈🥳

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